Lockheed Martin Partners With Emerging Markets for Deployment of Fixed Wing and VTOL Aircraft


As small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS) become more prevalent in emerging markets such as agriculture and law enforcement, Lockheed Martin has entered agreements with two partners to deploy its fixed wing and vertical takeoff and lift (VTOL) aircraft.

In November 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration endorsed the use of small UAS for agricultural applications, such as monitoring crop health and increasing awareness of plant growth activity through high resolution images. The organization will work with FourthWing Sensors LLC, in Minneapolis, Minn., to address agricultural needs. The UAS systems have been leased to farmers and will also be used by FourthWing Sensors, to capitalize on their multispectral imaging capabilities during the 2014 growing season.

Additionally, Lockheed Martin and Detroit Aircraft in Detroit, Mich., will use the Indago VTOL to address first responder and public utility applications. Indago’s industry-leading flight time and electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) gimbaled imager provides high quality data and enhanced situational awareness for operators to make real-time decisions in support of emergency response, including search and rescue operations or disaster relief. Indago is capable of continuous, 360 degree panning capabilities to aid area surveillance, as well as maneuver to specific areas of interest in crowded environments where fixed wing aircraft cannot reach.

Indago UAS: Ready for Civil, Military Applications

Lockheed Martin’s five pound Indago UAS brings needed capabilities to law enforcement, agriculture, disaster relief and military markets. 

The Indago quad-rotor weighs just five pounds and requires no assembly prior to flight. With an endurance of approximately 45 minutes, Indago achieves ranges of up to five kilometers when operated using its handheld controller, and the range can be extended beyond 10 kilometers with directional communications devices.