Partnership with Latvia for Radar Training and Maintenance

Lockheed Martin has launched an enhanced radar maintenance program with Latvia’s Ministry of Defence to train Latvian radar technicians. With a curriculum developed specifically for Latvia, the goal of this program is to augment the previous radar operations and maintenance training ensuring that there is sufficient in-country knowledge to provide a level of maintenance over the life of the radars.

This past summer, Latvia sent five radar technicians to Syracuse, NY to meet with Lockheed Martin subject matter experts focusing on Enhanced Maintenance and Field Engineer Training. The training took place over a number of weeks and included both time in the classroom as well as hands-on experience working on a Latvian radar system and the Lockheed Martin TPS-77 test bed radar housed in the Syracuse facility.

“These types of training opportunities strengthen our customer relationships and provide additional value,” said Rick Herodes, Director for Ground Based Radar Surveillance Systems at Lockheed Martin’s Mission Systems & Training business. “The development and execution of this program was a team effort and serves as a great model for potential training opportunities with other customers.”

Another radar operations and maintenance training session will take place in the fall of 2014 preceding shipment of a radar. An agreement between Latvia and Lockheed Martin provides opportunity for future training if required. 

Beyond this training and delivery of radar systems, Latvia and Lockheed Martin also partnered to support a multi-national radar test event hosted by the US Government. The demonstration utilized a TPS-77 radar in a wind farm environment to confirm detection performance, while simultaneously demonstrating the elimination of false reports that windmills cause for other radar systems. The radar utilized for testing was Latvia’s radar, scheduled for 2015 delivery at a site, which will have to deal with a future wind farm scenario.

As a direct result of continuous Lockheed Martin investment in state-of-the-art technology and dedication to customer success, more than 175 surveillance-range radars are operational around the world detecting targets at ranges up to 250 miles, 24 hours a day. Currently, 77 of these fielded radars are under contract for Signal/Data Processor upgrades, which provide the software necessary to mitigate the effects of wind farms. 

October 14, 2014