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Prepar3D Software Introduces New Capabilities for Self-Guided Learning

Whether you’re a flight novice flying on your laptop in your living room, or a pilot-in-training for a military air force,  the latest release of Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D® software brings some of the most realistic simulation capability to your fingertips. 

First launched in 2010, Prepar3D is a simulation platform where users can create training scenarios anywhere in the virtual world – from underwater to suborbital space. It provides immersive, experiential learning for private pilots, commercial organizations, militaries and academia.

“Prepar3D is the software that fuels many of Lockheed Martin’s training and simulation devices across a variety of platforms, and we’re fully invested in keeping this technology at the cutting-edge because our customers depend on it for realistic and effective training,” said Martile Allen, senior program manager at Lockheed Martin. “Continuing to drive innovations into Prepar3D helps our customers reduce their training costs too, as they can accomplish more training tasks on lower-cost devices that offer the right level of technology for their learning objectives.”


New Prepar3D v2 Software for Exciting, Immersive Learning

Lockheed Martin unveiled the newest version of Prepar3D® simulation software, with exciting new rendering, virtual instruction, scenario generation features as well as virtual F-35 and F-22 aircraft. See how Prepar3D v2 can be used for immersive, experiential learning in this trailer. Since launching v2 in 2013 as an evolution of Microsoft ESP technology for professional training and academic learning, Lockheed Martin has upgraded Prepar3D’s rendering engine for a more immersive experience, as well as adding hundreds of new features. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Learning a new skill often requires repeating how it’s done, over and over, until it is mastered. With Prepar3D’s new Virtual Instructor capability, the software guides students through the different steps of learning a particular task with visual, verbal and written feedback that appeals to all learning styles. Students receive guided practice as they progress through checklists and tasks, and can repeat lessons on demand as many times as needed.

For example, the U.S. Air Force and international customers use Prepar3D for pilot training before students progress to full flight simulators or to live flying. With Virtual Instructor, students can receive guidance on lower-level skills through the software itself, freeing instructors to spend more time teaching and reinforcing higher-level skills with students. Students or instructors can also record procedures and operations in minutes to rapidly build new training scenarios.


“Virtual Instructor is truly a leap-ahead capability in training and simulation,” said Allen. “When students are able to familiarize themselves using our Prepar3D simulation on a lower-fidelity device, they are much more confident and better prepared when they enter a full flight simulator or a live aircraft. And now, they can build that familiarization and confidence on their own, at their own pace, with automatic feedback and corrections by way of the Virtual Instructor. It’s comparable to having an instructor right by a student’s side during training.”

“For the Love of Flight”

Prepar3D users can experience flight missions literally around the world, with more than 40 high-detail cities and 24,900 airports at their disposal. The software’s accurate topography, real-time weather system and lighting effects create an immersive environment.

“We’ve worked extremely hard the last five years to bring Prepar3D to the forefront of training and immersion,” said Wes Bard, Prepar3D Manager at Lockheed Martin. “Our latest release of Prepar3D includes a brand new cutting-edge DirectX 11 rendering engine capable of delivering volumetric fog and lighting, a new shadowing system with ambient occlusion, 3D waves and dynamic sea states, and many more advanced features not yet seen in the desktop training market.”

“…What has me so excited about this version (v2.3) cannot be captured in a still, screen grab. You are now flying in a real world, through real atmospherics, that have not been processed or duplicated by any other sim to date…No other flight simulator will give you real-time light scatter changes that occurred, as I turned from downwind, to cross-wind, and then onto final to Mackinac Island."

Whether you’re a military aviator, an amateur pilot or a student learning new science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts, Prepar3D’s realism makes for an experience that delights. Said one user,

“Welcome to our world, where the sky is bluer, the grass is greener, cockpits are livelier, and flying through a cloud is something you get all giddy about. And all this after doing a simple install without having to follow a 100 step, 20-page setup guide. This is a sim where you actually fly instead of spending endless hours tweaking. It's what we all do this for, and that's for the love of flight.”

For the love of flight, indeed. For more information about Prepar3D or to license this software for your use, visit www.prepar3D.com

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Our Multi-Function Training Aid combines Prepar3D with commercial-off-the-shelf hardware for a quickly reconfigurable platform that provides familiarization and procedures training on a variety of platforms – fixed- and rotary-wing, ground vehicles or maritime vessels. For C-130J training, we worked with our Aeronautics business to equip the Multi-Function Training Aid with the operational flight program of the actual aircraft. Today, Air Force Special Operations personnel train on the systems at Cannon and Kirtland Air Force Bases.


Prepar3D is the software foundation for the Republic of Singapore Air Force Basic Wings Course, delivered by Team 21.


Prepar3D technology is also applied to the civil aviation training industry; Lockheed Martin’s Sim-Industries uses Prepar3D on integrated flat panel trainers where commercial pilots learn basic tasks and perform familiarization training.


Around the World in 19 Days

Experience the power of Prepar3D and its external development ecosystem by traveling “Around the World in 19 Days” courtesy of Rob Ainscough, a Prepar3D power user, beta tester, and Prepar3D.com forum moderators. These “19 Days” vignettes truly show the power and flexibility of what can be accomplished in Prepar3D’s open simulation platform.

November 25, 2014