Top 5 Trends in Simulation and Training

By Jon Rambeau

Our customers frequently tell us about the importance of effective training in today’s complex operational environment. Often, their stories tell us how our training technologies helped save lives or accomplish their mission flawlessly. The men and women of Lockheed Martin take this responsibility and honor very seriously. We bring our passion and innovation to bear on our customers’ most challenging problems because we know that simulation saves money and training saves lives.

Below are Lockheed Martin’s top simulation and training innovations to accelerate mission readiness.


1. Augmented Reality

Our customers need more affordable, immersive training technologies to stay ahead of evolving threats. Across flight, ground and maritime domains, we see natural applications for augmented reality to boost training. For instance, we can turn any location into a training range by inserting computer-generated friendly or threat forces over live action. Augmented reality is the future of anytime, anywhere training for cost-effective mission readiness.

Read more about how the Office of Naval Research and Lockheed Martin are applying augmented reality for better training with the Augmented Immersive Team Trainer.


2. Affordability Through “Downloading” Training Tasks
Through human performance engineering, we match training tasks to the right level of technology to help learners quickly master new skills. Through advancements in simulation, more training can be conducted virtually than ever before. For instance, some training tasks historically conducted in aircraft are now being conducted in simulators, and procedures training traditionally conducted in simulators is now accomplished with desktop or mobile trainers. Using real-world aircraft or weapon systems for training can cost thousands of dollars an hour. By comparison, the cost of training using simulation-based training devices is generally only hundreds of dollars, presenting a compelling case for virtual solutions.

See how F-35 pilots and maintainers are accomplishing more training through simulation than any other fighter platform in this video.


3. Integrated Live, Virtual and Constructive Training
Preparing fighter aircraft pilots for the complex challenges and threats on the horizon requires integrating live, virtual and constructive, or LVC, elements into one realistic combat experience. Our Advanced Combat Enhancement System provides a unique solution to train pilots with simulators, computer-generated forces and other aircraft in the same environment. The benefit is more prepared pilots at less cost.

Catch the immersion of the Advanced Combat Enhancement System in this video.


4. Turn-key Training
While traditional approaches focus on delivering training tools and devices, we take a more innovative approach: developing a training system that provides the shortest path to learning. Our turn-key training programs offer an integrated, performance-based training solution, delivered as a service. The result? Increased graduate skill sets, shorter training times and more affordable training costs, all while exceeding performance requirements.

Learn more about our turn-key training approach at the Turn-key Training capability page.


5. Serious Games
With game-based technologies growing increasingly sophisticated, we can leverage low cost commercial applications into military training technologies. Our Prepar3D® software is a visual simulation platform that allows users to create training scenarios anywhere in the world, including sub-orbital space. Private, commercial and military pilots master procedures training with Prepar3D, supported by a network of community developers creating an ever-expanding array of aircraft, weather and scenery applications. Our engineers and psychologists continue to innovate new game-based courseware that applies learning science and neuroscience research. The end game? Achieving new depths of mental immersion to help learners perfect their skills quickly with long-lasting recall.

Check out what’s new in our latest version of Prepar3D simulation software.



Jon Rambeau is vice president and general manager of Training and Logistics Solutions at Lockheed Martin’s Mission Systems and Training business. Lockheed Martin is the leading provider of military training capabilities in the world. We partner with the U.S. Armed Forces and international allies to provide advanced simulation and training capabilities to customers in more than 50 countries. For more about Lockheed Martin’s training technologies, visit