15 Unmanned
Technology Facts

Lockheed Martin continues to push the limits of unmanned systems technology in the air, on land and at sea. Can you guess which unmanned technology is described below in each of these unmanned facts?  

1. The Fast and the Fury UAS: this system boosted the Fury’s expeditionary capabilities and data crunching power.



2. Common control demands uncommon software. Of the 2 million hours flown by all U.S. Army unmanned systems, 1.1 million were directed by this software.

3. This UAS takes requests to meet your mission: fixed wing, quad tilt rotor, quad rotor VTOL, or tube-launched.

Vector Hawk


4. Query this quad rotor UAS for curious crop behavior. This year, farmers will rely on its multi-spectral imaging capability to monitor the health of their crops.



5. Let’s get digital! The new digital architecture on this small, silent UAS takes plug and play to a whole new level.



6. With this awesome autopilot, you can “Fly Light,” and land right, using advanced sensors for accuracy!


Kestrel Autopilot

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7. Hover away! This heavy-lifting helo, has delivered 4.5 million pounds of cargo for the U.S. Marine Corps, and can pick up, drop off, and even fuel, without landing.


8. This unmanned system keeps it classy by using Skunk Works® best practices to create a versatile platform for carrier-based missions.


9. Offering expert offshore subsea inspections, this AUV can improve safety in the oil and gas industry.



10. The U.S. Navy’s unmanned underwater system for the littoral combat ship practices minesweeping with utmost precision.


Remote Minehunting System

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11. This robotic technological wonder is the largest unmanned vehicle ever deployed with U.S. ground forces.



12. “Twin, tilting ducted-fan” isn’t just fun to say, it’s a game-changer for this compact vertical takeoff and landing system, which is able to use landing zones half the size typically needed by helicopters of similar size.




13. The MAD MUTT has been a good boy; testing technologies that will enable higher, faster, farther, cheaper aircraft.



14. Upgraded systems and increased endurance give this UAS, in service to our U.K. allies, more reach and range.



15. This robot is preparing to keep humans out of dangerous environments during potential disasters.


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