Advanced Analytics: Turning Data into Decisions


We use advanced analytics to collect information from any available source, integrating everything from locations, tonality of messages, and how people communicate to one another. By creating a comprehensive picture of what’s happening using analytical tradecraft and responsive software, we can go one step further by making that information useful for predicting what might happen next.

“We deliver intelligence for decision-makers with regard to what’s going on with the political and military unrest in Iraq and Syria today,” says Jason O’Connor, VP, Analysis & Mission Solutions. “Our analysts examine all sources of data in those regions including open source data like social media info and search engines.”

Lockheed Martin developed LM Wisdom, a tool that monitors open source data to discover correlations and patterns. The system analyzes the information it gathers to help anticipate behavior both on and off the internet. 

“The open source data augments the traditional intelligence gathering that we’re already doing,” says O’Connor. “For example, in Syria we’re adding resources so decision makers can understand various threats and what they could become.” 

The uses for data analytics go beyond traditional government and intelligence community applications. For example, our team has developed an algorithm that detects Sepsis, a potentially fatal blood condition, in patients’ bloodstreams much faster than doctors currently can. 

August 13, 2014