Cyber Security: Keeping Critical Intelligence Safe Across Industries and Communities


What is the most pressing need today for our customers?

“It’s not enough just to get information to users,” says Tim Reardon, VP and GM, Defense & Intelligence Solutions.  “We need to make sure that it’s not getting to the wrong users. That is why cyber security has been recognized by defense, commercial, intelligence and congressional leaders as the number one threat to national security today.”

Across domains, communities

Trusted Manager (TMAN) and Radiant Mercury are two cross-domain examples of software guards that allow intelligence to be securely shared among personnel working at all security levels — from highly classified intelligence sites to unclassified users in the field.

“To further this intelligence exchange, we’ve combined our expertise developing these two guards to create Trusted Sentinel,” says Darrell Durst, VP, Cyber Solutions.

“This high assurance information solution allows data to be manually or automatically transferred between two or more differing security domains by using a single consolidated configuration of hardware and software. Trusted Sentinel addresses the difficult challenge of sharing relevant information across security domains and between organizational echelons,” says Durst.

“To help maintain security and promote inter-service information sharing in the Dept. of Defense’s Joint Information Environment (JIE), Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS) are being established with the help of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). The program will field its first two JRSS this year—two years ahead of schedule,” says Angie Heise, VP, Enterprise IT Solutions.

In addition, Lockheed Martin recently earned Cyber Incident Response Assistance accreditation from the National Security Agency (NSA) Information Assurance Directorate (IAD) based on 21 Focus Areas of Incident Response Assistance Services. With this accreditation, we are one of the first federally-recognized companies accredited to help organizations respond to attacks on their networks.

August 13, 2014