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Meet Cyber Security's Unusual Suspects


The world has experienced a dramatic shift towards integrating technology into everyday life. Through this rapid adoption, new challenges arise daily for talented cybersecurity professionals to solve.

The Unusual Suspects are those who follow a different path—one which may not be so obvious, but has equipped them with the unique knowledge and experience to impact the changing landscape of cybersecurity.




Lolli Buran, Program Manager, Grid Services Management Operations (GSM-O) Network Assurance

"I started with the company more than 30 years ago as a secretary trainee with a two year degree. Because of my management and career discussions, I went back to get a degree in programming along with friends who were also secretaries."

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Graham Hill, Project Manager, Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3)


"I knew I wanted to work with computers starting when I was 9 years old and I was soldering additional memory into my parent’s IBM Aptiva with my grandfather. Cybersecurity is something I fell into through career choices."


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