Accelerating Mission Management and Increasing Efficiency


How are we addressing affordability?

More than ever, our customers’ missions are utilizing sustainable resources and developing the most cost effective, high-quality solutions.

“For example, under the Integrated Space Command & Control (ISC2) contract, we’ve modernized the Air Force's air defense, missile warning, and space command and control information technology infrastructure by integrating and replacing more than 30 legacy systems,” says Rob Smith, VP, C4ISR.

Additionally, we are currently analyzing options for linking the Command & Control, Battle Management, and Communications (C2BMC) system with the Army’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System (IBCS).  Integrating IBCS with C2BMC would significantly improve the Army’s ability to command and control its resources as it would provide a combined air and ballistic missile picture that includes ballistic missiles reported by national and strategic entities.

“By investing our money, time and effort into increasing the resiliency and dependency of established assets, we are able to protect our critical systems against both natural disasters as well as cyber attacks,” says Vinny Sica, VP, Ground Space Solutions. “This results in significant cost savings through minimized downtime and assured data storage and delivery.”

The future of information management

The Joint Information Environment (JIE), the Pentagon’s plan to make data interoperable across the defense components, will link everything from cloud pilots to data center consolidation as the Dept. of Defense seeks to reduce the costly redundancy and complexity throughout its massive IT framework.

“The vision of JIE will not be completed overnight, but the end result will allow Dept. of Defense to focus on mission versus maintenance,” says Smith.

August 13, 2014