Partnering for Progress
in Canada

F-35 Partners for Progress in Canada

Patrolling the far reaches of Canada requires a fighter with great range. With advanced capabilities that strengthen alliances and demonstrate superior stealth, extreme agility and interoperability, the F-35 Lightning II will keep Canada secure for years to come.

The Right Choice for Canada

“The F-35 is ideal for arctic sovereignty and Northern operations – better than any of the 4th generation fighters out there,” F-35 Test Pilot Billie Flynn said. “The F-35, with the immense amount of fuel it can carry, has better range and persistence than any other fighter today in a combat configuration. In this jet, I go further and I stay longer.”

The stealth capabilities of the F-35 are crucial to keeping Canada secure for years to come. Stealth gives Canadian pilots the ability to covertly patrol, monitor and conduct surveillance without being seen. It is a critical element of survivability and ensures Canadian pilots return home.

“Stealth is not an accessory,” Flynn said. “It is an absolute, basic capability you have to have to go into combat or to conduct unmonitored surveillance. In this day and age, if you don’t have it, you won’t be allowed to participate in coalition operations.”

“Today’s threats have significant range to easily shoot down 4th generation fighters,” he continued. “If you are not flying a stealthy aircraft, you won’t be able to get close enough to detect the threat and defeat it without being seen.”

This aircraft will not only protect Canada for a few years – it will help secure Canada for decades to come. It will also build businesses and partnerships that reach around the globe.

Industrial Impact

Companies across Canada are contributing to the F-35 program by developing software, building electronics and outboard wings, or producing bulkends. And, this work does not just have an impact on the F-35 program – it has a major impact on the companies, cities and Canadian economy.

Currently, more than 80 Canadian companies are contributing to the development and manufacturing of the F-35. The program has already identified more than 200 production projects for Canadian industry with more than $600 million contracted to date. By participating in the production of over 3,100 F-35s, total production opportunities for Canadian industry are expected to exceed $11 billion. In addition to the production work, Canadian industry will play a key role in the sustainment of aircraft in Canada and for the global fleet.

As a supplier for the F-35 program, Canadian industrial partners are increasing their overall competitiveness in the global market as they evolve to the highest international manufacturing standards. And, these companies will have a business base that will continue for decades to come.

Preparing the Workforce of the Future


With the creation of high-tech jobs comes the need for a highly-skilled workforce. Looking to the future, we see a growing need to educate and empower the youth in Canada to pursue these engineering professions. After all, engineers hold almost 60 percent of positions in the defense industry.

To help inspire the next generation of engineers in Canada, we are bringing the F-35 educational experience to the Abbotsford airshow. More than 100,000 visitors flock to Abbotsford, Canada, every year for the annual international aviation festival and show. Aviation enthusiasts, political leaders and families all gather in the “Raspberry Capital of Canada” – and not just for their famous raspberries. They come to see a wide variety of static aircraft displays, exhibits and demonstrations throughout the weekend.

We are focusing on providing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education activities at the Abbotsford airshow because the technologies we develop today depend on future generations to evolve them for the future. STEM education is pivotal to the future success and safety of our countries, and it’s fun too. Students at the airshow will be invited to participate in a number of STEM activities, including an F-35 Lego building project and a paper airplane competition.

“We have to get students excited about the F-35 at a young age to ensure we are able to secure engineers, pilots and programmers to keep us safe in the future,” said Flynn.

The F-35 is more than a plane. It will build businesses, create jobs, inspire students and enhance Canada’s ability to compete in the global technology marketplace for years to come.

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August 7, 2014