Rethink. Reshape. Renew. #30SpaceSymposium


To be human is to explore. From the depths of the ocean to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, Lockheed Martin is committed to protecting, understanding and exploring the increasingly complex universe. Building space systems is about designing the architecture that best meets our customer’s mission requirements and needs.

To provide a better understanding and access to space we are challenged to rethink how we do business, reshape our environment and renew our commitment to our customers and the missions we support.

Re-think the Possible

Next-generation digital manufacturing technologies are redefining Lockheed Martin’s production cycle, forming the company’s “digital tapestry,” a seamless digital environment driven by an integrated Model Based Engineering (MBE) tool set that keeps the digital data intact from conceptualization to realization.

What’s amazing about 3D printing is the ability to re-think more than just cost and speed. With 3D printing, designers aren’t constrained by the physics of machining parts out of solid blocks of material. They can print any component leading to revolutionary developments as we integrate 3D printing even further into our operations.

Re-shape the Environment

By using 3D pathfinding simulation technology called the Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory (CHIL), Lockheed Martin can identify areas to improve affordability and operational excellence throughout the entire lifecycle of our products. The CHIL is an advanced virtual reality and simulation laboratory that offers a smarter, cheaper and lower risk opportunity in building space systems, including satellites, exploration spacecraft, launch vehicles and missile defense systems. The facility enables virtual creation before the physical creation to improve the affordability of our products and associated processes. Lockheed Martin is applying this innovative technology across the business’s programs to improve production processes.

Re-new our Commitments

In the face of a changing landscape, we’re re-newing our commitment to bold missions. The space business rewards those who dream big and we’re looking for what’s next in the evolution of exploration.

Our military space systems including GPS III, MUOS and AEHF will evolve to maximize the balance between capability, affordability and resiliency.

Orion is set to boldly take that next step as we prepare for Exploration Flight Test-1 (#EFT1) at the end of this year.  Orion will take the next generation of explores to Mars and beyond.

Our commitment to explore bold new worlds continues with In-Sight and OSIRIS-REx that are currently being built and scheduled to launch in 2016.






March 16, 2014


3D Printing

CHIL: Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory

The CHIL, or Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory, is a virtual, 3-D simulation lab that allows the virtual creation of a spacecraft before the physical creation.