Sustaining Canadian Radars Through 2025 and Beyond


In the early 1990s, Lockheed Martin built and installed four FPS-117 radars for Canada’s Department of National Defense for use in long-range aerial surveillance and border security. In the early 2000s Lockheed Martin performed sustainment modifications to the systems to address minor obsolescence issues. Almost 25 years after the initial installation, the radars continue to be fully operational.

Canada has once again turned to Lockheed Martin, this time for installation of the latest technology utilized by the USAF and Canadian AF in the Seek Igloo and North Warning Systems. This Block 3 configuration will provide the latest in signal and data processors and continue to extend the in service life of the radars.

“The Canadian Department of National Defense has been a great partner in the maintenance and sustainment of their aerial surveillance radar program,” said Mark Falinski, Program Manager at Lockheed Martin. “The collaborative nature of developing this program is a model for industry working with government partners.”

Beyond extending the in service life of the radars, this program will create significant efficiencies in the way parts are currently procured and spared for the radars. Today, the Canadian radars are sustained through maintaining an extensive stock of Logical Replacement Units (LRUs). Through this upgrade, the number of required LRUs will significantly reduce, resulting in time, cost, and logistics savings.


Production of the sustainment kits will take place in Lockheed Martin’s Syracuse facility throughout 2015. Factory acceptance tests are scheduled for the first half of 2016 with final installation and site acceptance tests beginning later in 2016.

Lockheed Martin has produced and maintains more than 175 surveillance-range radars, all of which are operational around the world detecting targets at ranges up to 250 miles, 24 hours a day.  These radars are capable of operating completely unmanned and many have performed for decades in remote, inhospitable areas and in a wide range of operational environments.

No Lockheed Martin FPS-117, TPS-77 or TPS-59 radar has ever been taken out of service and the systems continue to operate well beyond their original 20-year service lives (many planned to operate for more than 40 years).  With this award Lockheed Martin will have extended the service life of 82 of these 175 surveillance-range radars.  This longevity is a direct result of continuous Lockheed Martin investment in state-of-the-art technology and dedication to customer success.

March 30, 2015