When Cybersecurity Tools Go Unused

When Lockheed Martin commissioned a cybersecurity survey recently, we were looking forward to learning more about the way technology investment decisions are being made across a variety of sectors; from energy to financial services, pharmaceuticals, utilities, healthcare and the federal government. What we did not expect is the insight we gained into the challenges these diverse organizations share in common.

The survey revealed that many organizations have difficulty deploying cybersecurity software that they've recently purchased, measuring its effectiveness and capturing its costs. The survey also demonstrated some positive trends, and reinforced for us the idea that achieving a strong cybersecurity posture involves the right investment in people, processes and technologies.

Want to test your cybersecurity market knowledge? We've summarized a few of our key survey results into the quiz below. After your're done, learn more by downloading the survey results.

What percentage of surveyed companies abandoned cybersecurity software soon after deployment?
70 percent of companies surveyed believe that measuring cybersecurity software's ROI is important, what percentage have trouble doing it?
True or false, more than half of companies surveyed said measuring cybersecurity software's total cost of ownership is difficult.