Any Language, Any Terrain, Any Mission

Ground Training Innovations for More Realistic Training

International forces around the world recognize that the next generation of soldiers will have to be prepared to operate in a more complex environment than ever seen before. From traversing new geographical terrain to conducting security missions in mega-cities, working with coalition partners or delivering humanitarian aid in support of Non-Government Organizations, preparing for future warfare will require a higher level of preparation and an ability to adapt to the complexities of the future battlefield that soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen of the past have never had to deal with.

Training soldiers on these skills in a cost-effective way demands more realistic simulation-based training that can be integrated with live and constructive environments as needed. Here’s how we help prepare soldiers for their missions, from boots-on-the-ground to integrated full-force collective exercises.

Individual Training

Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement Systems
Our instrumented systems track every player in an exercise, transmitting real-time data from the soldier to Exercise Control for immediate situational awareness and more detailed data to use in after action review. We deliver built-in multilingual capability: international customers have flexibility to train in any language they wish, making their training more immersive and realistic.




Augmented/Virtual Reality
We are developing augmented reality (AR) technologies that can replicate the complexity of the future battlefield and facilitate Live, Virtual and Constructive integration. AR will be able to create more realistic environments for training, incorporating synthetic elements to create realistic joint and coalition training experiences. For example, we have showcased an AR capability for the Stryker vehicle driver position that blends the benefits of live and constructive training: while the vehicle traversed the range at speeds up to 40 mph, virtual moving targets were rendered at the driver’s position.

Crew Training

Advanced Gunnery Training System
For more than 20 years, the Advanced Gunnery Training System (AGTS) has prepared U.S. and international forces to transition from simulation to live fire or combat gunnery. The U.S. Marine Corps released a study last month citing that AGTS significantly improves proficiency while saving millions of dollars in training costs.
Digital Range Training System
Under the Digital Range Training System (DRTS) program, we deliver a family of digital ranges that immerse soldiers and vehicle crews in realistic live fire training exercises. Last year we debuted the newest DRTS range, the Digital Air Ground Instrumented Range (DAGIR) that integrates attack helicopter and ground live fire maneuver in a digital environment and provides integrated scoring and After Action Review (AAR).

Command and Staff Training

Through the Warfighters Simulation (WARSIM) and Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability (JLCCTC) programs, we provide computer-based simulation that unites thousands of soldiers worldwide in virtual training exercises addressing global warfare challenges. Newly released software improves the fidelity of simulated environments and offers more tailored scenarios to address the diverse environments soldiers must be prepared to face. We recently delivered this capability to Japan.
Cloud-Enabled Training
By combining virtualization with zero/thin client technology, we can offer integrated, simulation-based training to customers that can be deployed anytime, anywhere. At ITEC 2015 we’ll demonstrate this “Training in the Cloud” approach by linking a virtual Battlespace Command and Control Trainer (BC2T) with a desktop crew trainer to showcase the benefits of re-configurable training to help commanders and staff hone decision-making skills.
Digital Battle Staff Trainer
We look forward to being on contract this year to provide a new Digital Battle Staff Trainer for an international customer. The state-of-the-art DBST can train commanders and their staffs from platoon level to Corps.