From Land to Air and in-Between

How Lockheed Martin Delivers Full Spectrum Training to United Kingdom Armed Forces

Did you know the United Kingdom is one of Lockheed Martin’s largest international markets?

Our partnerships with the UK Ministry of Defence include a number of training and sustainment programmes that help train the Armed Forces.

Here are a few examples of our UK-based training solutions:

Virtual Training:
Under the UK Combined Arms Tactical Trainer programme, we help the British Army prepare its service members using the world’s largest virtual training system. Using an immersive, computer-generated environment, up to 900 military personnel can train together in real-time on a virtual battlefield.

Scout SV:
In addition to producing the Scout Specialist Vehicle turret, Lockheed Martin will soon provide a new turret training system. Using realistic, immersive simulators, the training system will help prepare Commanders and Gunners of the Scout SV turret to complete their missions safely.


Merlin Training System:
The Merlin Training System or “Merlin University” is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive training facility designed to train Royal Navy air and maintenance crews in the operation and support of the Merlin Mk2 Weapons System. The system consists of Aircrew Simulators - Cockpit Dynamic Simulator, a Cockpit Procedural Trainer and two Rear-Crew Trainers, Weapon System Trainer, Mechanical System Trainer, Engine Part Task Trainer, Multi-Purpose Trainer and Computer Based Training.
F-35 Training:
The Royal Air Force and Royal Navy plan to operate 138 F-35B short takeoff/vertical landing aircraft, which will provide the UK with a tactical airpower advantage for decades to come. British pilots and maintainers currently train alongside partner services at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort in South Carolina and Eglin Air Force Base in Florida with a full spectrum of the latest courseware, electronic classrooms, simulators, flight events and event-based maintenance training.

Turn-key Training:
Through the Ascent joint venture, we help deliver the UK Military Flying Training System, a comprehensive cross service training solution for the British Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Army Air Corps. MFTS will guide students from introductory instruction to training on individual aircraft and ultimately specific aircrew disciplines, ranging from pilots and navigators to loadmasters and maintainers.