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JAMES Technology Celebrates 10 Years of Defence Asset Management


Finding a needle in a haystack no longer resides on the list of impossible tasks. Lockheed Martin engineers provide the Joint Asset Management and Engineering Solutions (JAMES) logistics technology to manage and track small and large assets for the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Lockheed Martin employees in the U.K. and Orlando, Florida operate the technology, overseeing approximately 5 million assets for the MOD. The team began administering the service in May 2005 and continues to supply upgrades and new developments to the JAMES system.

“We have proudly served the MOD for the past 10 years using our JAMES technology,” Andy Shaffer, Lockheed Martin Senior Manager, said. “The next phase of our partnership involves greater innovation and improvements to the engineering solution we provide the MOD.”

The MOD recently awarded Lockheed Martin a 70-month contract extending the management of the JAMES service. This extension begins January 1, 2016 – at the end of the current contract – providing a seamless transition of JAMES services for the MOD.

JAMES has over 27,000 dedicated users accessing the technology, more than 245,000 personnel stored in the system, and completes in excess of 10 million transactions each month in less than .72 seconds per transaction. To date, the technology has tracked assets successfully, achieving all performance measures that are defined by the Service Level Agreements (SLA) with the MOD.

The success rate is contributed largely to the flexibility and scalability of the technology. As tracking processes change, the JAMES system is able to seamlessly incorporate them so that the transition is not difficult for the end user. JAMES initially tracked 65,300 assets and has now grown to approximately 5 million equipment types. The system’s hardware and software architectural approaches ensured the MOD quick computing and processing throughout that growth cycle.

The Lockheed Martin JAMES managed service continues to be the highest rated customer program in the U.K. per the MOD’s Key Supplier Metric measurement. The system’s successes for the MOD verify its potential for use by other defence organizations.

JAMES infographic

Lockheed Martin’s JAMES technology provides logistics information in less than a second.