Engineering Spotlight: Anjaney K.


Anjaney K.

What is your role at Lockheed Martin?
My role at Lockheed Martin is a research engineer on the NEXT Team. My team and I are on the lookout for new, advanced, high-risk/high-reward technologies, ideas, and/or processes that could impact the future of Lockheed Martin. Generally these ideas might be outside our risk tolerance, outside our planning window, or are not at a maturity level where a Business Area is ready to take responsibility for it. Ultimately, it falls to my team to seed these projects, either with our own technical expertise or with resources, in order to lower the risks to a point where a Business Area might absorb the project or to where the idea has another home within Lockheed Martin.



What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering?

I have always loved airplanes and rockets and my natural curiosity to learn how they and why they work drove me to engineering. I am the type of person who will stop and look up when an airplane flies over or will wake up at 3am in order to watch a rocket launch. I truly believe we were meant to escape gravity and conquer the stars and I want to be a part of that!



What advice would you offer high school students considering a major in engineering?"
Even if you are the tiniest bit interested in engineering, go for it! I have found my engineering skills have come in handy in non-technical situations. Just learning how systems work allows me to break down non-technical complicated issues into workable chunks and that is a very useful skill, even if you don’t end up in engineering. 


Describe a challenging moment you may have faced in college and how you got through it. 
One of the most challenging times I faced in college was during our senior capstone design class when I was responsible for developing some of the autopilot navigation architecture. This was a field I was not very familiar with and ended up getting through it by immersing myself in the area of study. I enjoyed learning new things and focused on the new ideas I was learning and tried to think of different ways to apply what I was learning. This allowed me to quickly go through lots of new material and develop an architecture for basic flight controls.  

What advice would you offer to college students seeking a career in engineering?
Really understand what drives you to be an engineer. There are definitely jobs that pay the bills but only a small subset of those jobs feed your soul. I’ve found that most engineers are in this field because they are passionate about engineering and solving problems and designing new things. If you don’t feed your passion, it may come back to bite you and a passionate mind is especially a terrible thing to waste.