Engineering Spotlight: Richard L.


Richard L.

What is your role at Lockheed Martin?
My role at Lockheed Martin is Program Manager for Launch Systems Production. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering?
Even though I’ve always been interested in science and math, I didn’t actually decide to become an engineer until college. After spending almost a year exploring my career options, I discovered Industrial and Systems Engineering. The continuous improvement process and application process fascinated me, and I’ve tried to take this mindset into each position I’ve had at Lockheed Martin.




What advice would you offer high school students considering a major in engineering?

Take the time to sit in on an engineering class or two, and talk to a few engineering students in different disciplines. Colleges are more than happy to support this request, and it really helps to make sure that engineering is the right discipline for you. If you’re still not sure after high school, don’t sweat it! I wasn’t either. Start with something like General Engineering and get a taste for it while completing your other graduation requirements.

Describe a challenging moment you may have faced in college and how you got through it. 
One of the most challenging times I faced in college was during our senior capstone design class when I was responsible for developing some of the autopilot navigation architecture. This was a field I was not very familiar with and ended up getting through it by immersing myself in the area of study. I enjoyed learning new things and focused on the new ideas I was learning and tried to think of different ways to apply what I was learning. This allowed me to quickly go through lots of new material and develop an architecture for basic flight controls.  

What advice would you offer to college students seeking a career in engineering?
Take full advantage of the opportunities to learn about the different engineering disciplines available. Many colleges offer classes that introduce you to multiple engineering disciplines and give you a great picture of responsibilities involved.