Engineering Spotlight: Tammy M.


Tammy M.

What is your role at Lockheed Martin?
I work at our Advanced Development Programs (aka Skunk Works®). My expertise is in operations analysis and modeling and simulation. My job is amazing! I get to use simulators of the world’s most advanced tactical platforms to provide an immersive environment to our warfighters and decision quality information about those platforms to decision makers.   

What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering?
I have always enjoyed solving problems. Even as a kid I enjoyed working puzzles with my grandmother. When I was in high school we had a computer class and that was my first introduction into computer programming. I realized that you could solve much more complex problems if you let the computer crunch the numbers. 



What advice would you offer high school students considering a major in engineering?
While you probably will have to work hard to get your degree just remember, if you truly have a passion for engineering you will enjoy the learning process. Students also need to understand how important careers in science, technology, engineering and math are to our country. We must maintain our run on innovation and continue to generate streams of new and innovative ideas. Students and their future contributions represent the path to those ideas.

Describe a challenging moment you may have faced in college and how you got through it. 
The most challenging moment was definitely surviving my first freshman semester. So many things were new, the pace was fast and I was out of my comfort zone. After trying to memorize my way through those first couple of tests, which didn’t work so well, I realized I needed to focus on understanding the material, not memorizing it. After that, things got much easier. The more I understood, the more questions I had and the more I learned  

What advice would you offer to college students seeking a career in engineering?
My advice is to try to have an internship while you are in college. It is the best way to experience the rewards that come from applying your engineering skills to real-world problems. Not only does this provide a great experience for you, it also looks great on a resume!