Robotics Design Challenge Event Highlights Gallery

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Apopka Boone Dr. Phillips
Edgewater Freedom Lake Highland
Oakridge Ocoee Olympia
       Osceola                                        West Orange
"This is the perfect place to cut loose and make our crazy ideas a functional reality."
Apopka High School, Team 1
"We hope to see a variety of different ideas and use this competition as a learning experience for all of us."
Apopka High School, Team 3
"The mentors helped us out a lot… and also put up with a lot."
Dr. Phillips High School, Stem Panthers
"I’ve learned more in this competition than I have all year in school."
–Daniel, Dr. Phillips High School, Chocolate Storm
"The desire to reverse engineer simple mechanics and discover its impact on modern engineering and its influence on industry and to then use that newfound knowledge and desire to involve myself in the pursuit of a career in engineering."
Patricia, Freedom high School, Team 1
"...we don't have the funding nor technology to build an electromagnetic sling cannon..."
Navar and Kyle, Freedom High School, Team 2
"I feel a whole lot more like I do right now than I did a little while ago."
Maggie, West Orange High School, Team 2