Tough as Nails: Why Lockheed Martin Team JLTV is #JLTVTough

JLTV Tough as Nails
Tough on the Outside
  • Protection: Lockheed Martin Team JLTV takes the safety of Soldiers and Marines seriously.  And the protection built into the vehicle’s design reflects this. The Lockheed Martin JLTV has a unique, geometrically enhanced patented hull design which dissipates blast effects and provides MRAP-levels of protection to the crew inside. 

  • Off-Road Performance: The off-road performance of the vehicle in multiple soil conditions allows ground forces to be unpredictable, going where they need to go when they need to go.
Tough on the Inside
  • Protection: The protection built into the JLTV is just as tough on the inside. Internal to the JLTV, unique isolation floors act as a “crumple zone” to reduce the impact of an under-hull blast, protecting occupants from the sudden acceleration of a blast. And shock-absorbing seats are specially mounted to attenuate upward force from a blast, thus reducing the potential for serious injury. 

  • Securing Data: The Lockheed Martin Team’s JLTV is equipped with a proven digital backbone—a collection of systems to increase situational awareness and enhance communications—to make our vehicle more effective and reliable for Soldiers and Marines. The digital backbone leverages Lockheed Martin’s Systems Integration expertise in delivering secure, state-of-the-art digital communications and situational awareness systems to prepare our Soldiers and Marines for every mission.


May 19, 2015