Power Distribution Just Got Smarter


As the worldwide demand for energy continues to grow, innovators around the world are setting their sights on new energy sources that harness the power of technology as well as natural resources like wind and water.

In addition to building up new energy sources or finding new reserves of traditional energy, we see an additional way to meet growing energy demands – improving energy efficiency through engineering and innovation.

Enter VirtuGrid.

This new smart grid technology provides highly precise information about where energy is being used across the grid.

Like our own brain’s neural circuit, VirtuGrid enables mapping of an entire distribution network – from a utility’s plant substation to neighborhoods and homes across the region.

Lockheed Martin and Dominion Resources, Inc. co-developed VirtuGrid, a smart grid location-aware technology system that will enable remote mapping and awareness of the energy grid.


Today, Lockheed Martin is partnering with customers and investing talent in clean, secure, and smart energy – enabling global security, a strong economic future, and climate protection for future generations.



Whether it is within a human nervous system or across a virtual power grid, data needs a path to travel. 

The innovative technology behind VirtuGrid allows for data to travel along the same path that delivers power from a remote location on a grid to the substation. This data could be anything from voltage, power and energy readings to GPS location, phase and circuit connectivity.

The control and timing of these remote communications is through low bandwidth communication networks, creating an integrated physical and electrical mapping of the entire distribution network.


Developed in collaboration by Lockheed Martin and Dominion Resources, Inc., VirtuGrid can also help track power outages faster, allowing power to be restored more quickly to consumers.  

Power outages anywhere along the grid can be detected remotely, allowing for faster mapping and response to the correct location. This is achieved by a remote sensor network that allows VirtuGrid’s server to detect changes between multiple power domains within the distribution grid – also making the technology scalable for large or small utilities.

As the new energy future arrives, technologies like VirtuGrid are pushing the limits of the distribution grid, bringing us one step closer to meeting the energy challenges of tomorrow.