You Know You’re an Engineer When...


Engineers make and do cool things, demonstrating time and time again that the work they’re doing is exciting and essential to human curiosity.

It is engineers that are inventing innovative solutions that push the boundaries of scientific discovery, delving into the world of the unknown with new technologies such as quantum computing, fusion and nanotechnology.

You Know You’re an Engineer When…

Across the Lockheed Martin, engineers and their colleagues are celebrating National Engineers Week.

In the spirit of National Engineers Week, our engineers took a moment to complete this sentence “You know you’re an engineer when…”

  • At a hockey game you spend more time admiring the range of movement of the camera gimbal used to project the game on the big screen than actually watching the game.
    –N. Dietrich
  • You view the Instruction Manual as really nothing more than “the Manufacturer’s Opinion."
  • You liberally reference orbital dynamics to explain baseball to your six-year-old.
    -A. Secen
  • Your daughter's first word was airplane!
    –N. Terry
  • You arrange all the M&Ms in a bag as a color-coded histogram to see which color is most common.
    –C. Hood
  • The optimist says the glass is half full, the pessimist says the glass is half empty and you say let’s measure it.
    –S. Kersey
  • You can't watch a single episode of MythBusters without yelling at the screen exactly everything they got wrong.
    –A. Williams
  • You get into a spirited discussion about the technical inaccuracy ratio of Star Wars to Star Trek.
    –S. Atwood
  • You think that Star Trek isn’t science fiction; it’s just fact that hasn’t happened yet.
    -E. Starzynski
  • You explain the rationale behind putting peanut butter on the sandwich, before the jelly.
    –M. Marquis

Do you relate to what our engineers said? Do you like playing with Legos, building things and tearing them down, fixing things, making and flying paper airplanes? Well, we hate to break it to you but you may actually be an engineer at heart.


As one of the founders of the National Engineering Forum, Lockheed Martin is a leader in addressing solutions to the three challenges facing the American engineering enterprise -the capacity of our technical talent to fill future jobs, our engineering workforce's capability to address 21st century challenges and our competitiveness in a global economy.

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National Engineers Week is the perfect time to join the movement to inspire more young people to become engineers!