How Much Do You Know About Lockheed Martin in South America?

Did you know that Lockheed Martin has been actively involved with our South American partners since the late 1920s? As the FIDAE show opens in Chile this week, test your knowledge of our people, programs and operators in South America.


The C-130 Hercules is truly a worldwide asset, with a significant presence in Latin America. Can you name all of the C-130 operators in the region?
Given its vast expanse of coastline, maritime patrol is very important to many South American countries, making the P-3 Orion a vital asset to several regional operators. Name the two South American P-3 operators that are set to receive Mid-Life Upgrades for their respective Orion fleets.
Name the types of Sikorsky Hawk helicopters — and their operators — in Latin America.
Which South American F-16 Fighting Falcon operator is showcasing its fleet during the aerial demonstration at FIDAE this week?