Inspiring Australia’s Bright Young Minds

Generation Beyond STEM Event

There’s no doubt that Australia is well served in science and engineering with some of the best minds in the business, but Australia, like many other countries, faces a challenge around not having enough science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals in the near future.  That’s why Lockheed Martin Australia proudly supports STEM education initiatives.

As an industry leader, Lockheed Martin recognises that it must inspire the next generation to pursue STEM careers by showing today’s students how exciting and rewarding these jobs can be. Lockheed Martin Australia Vice President and Chief Executive Vince Di Pietro says Lockheed Martin’s commitment to STEM will contribute to engendering the skills and knowledge Australia needs to be globally competitive for generations to come.

“We are keen to ensure that young Australians – including young men and women from diverse backgrounds, living in both urban and remote areas - will have access to participate from many years to come,” said Di Pietro. “We recognise that to keep the momentum for generations to come, we need to be investing in the workforce of the future.  We need to unlock a passion for science and technology in future generations."


"We recognise that to keep the momentum for generations to come, we need to be investing in the workforce of the future. We need to unlock a passion for science and technology in future generations." 

Vince Di Pieto, vice president and chief executive Lockheed Martin Australia


He adds that “as a leader in Australia’s National Security domain, we know firsthand the importance of educating the next generation of innovators in these areas. Our future success as an industry leader depends on a constant supply of highly trained, highly capable technical talent.”

With a track record of supporting STEM activities including Australia’s largest science expo Science Alive and the UAV Challenge, the team has expanded outreach efforts through many other iniatives. 

Introducing Generation Beyond

We believe it is everyone’s role to prepare, inspire and equip the students of today to build the future.  We also want to motivate teachers and parents to support Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) career paths for young people.

For us, a company that makes space travel possible, we know firsthand how important it is to inspire students to become the next generation of engineers and space explorers. That is why, for the first time in Australia, we present our interactive display – Generation Beyond.

Generation Beyond is an award winning display, using cutting-edge technology that takes visitors on a journey from today, into the future and beyond and features a range of hands-on, interactive activities focusing on the F-35, the Orion spacecraft and future space travel to Mars.

“We at Lockheed Martin know that for us to successfully design, build, and navigate deep space missions like Orion, we must have a highly-skilled workforce that can get the job done. We believe the best way to ensure we have the pipeline of future talent we need is to inspire young people,” said Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Vince Di Pietro.

“That means showing them what’s possible with a STEM education and career. We know that space, in particular, has the power to inspire a new generation of STEM talent. And it’s never too early to plant that seed,” said Mr Di Pietro.

Generation Beyond is being featured for the first time at the Avalon Airshow Saturday 4 March and Sunday 5 March.

Orion STEM Interactive
NYSF Science Program

That’s why Lockheed Martin is the major partner of the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF), Australia’s premier science program for year 12 students, who each year are immersed in a two week summer school program (pictured below) at the Australian National University campus in Canberra.

NYSF Partnership
NSF Partnership Event
Victorian Space Science Education Centre

Lockheed Martin also supports the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC), a specialist science facility that uses the context of space to engage teachers and students in the teaching and learning of science.

LM’s Corporate Engineering, Technology and Operations team, sponsors the VSSEC to develop a new curriculum for the Mars Automated Biological Education Lab.  The lab is part of an activity based STEM development centre for year 7-12 students to run simulated Mars missions to collect information that is used in the classroom for further chemical and geological analysis as an example of the value of STEM careers.

Through its interactive and stimulating programs, the VSSEC plays an important role in inspiring students so they can become the innovators and space explorers of tomorrow.