7 Reasons Customers are Choosing Lockheed Martin to Solve their Energy Challenges

As Lockheed Martin sharpens its focus on the energy market, customers are learning what makes Lockheed Martin unique in the energy space.

With integrated offerings to include demand response, smart metering, energy efficiency, energy storage, nuclear systems, tidal energy and waste-to-energy generation – Lockheed Martin Energy is helping utilities, commercial businesses, municipalities, institutions and government save money, improve energy reliability and prepare for the future.

Here’s 7 reasons why Lockheed Martin Energy is positioned to help customers with their toughest challenges:  


1. Technology Innovation

At its core, the energy challenge is an engineering challenge. And that’s what we do best. We have the industry’s best engineers and technologists focused on energy innovation.

2. Advanced Manufacturing

Renewable energy generation concepts like waste-to-energy and tidal energy will only be successful if manufacturing enables their success. At Lockheed Martin, we’re the leader in advanced manufacturing and materials from the laboratory to production.


3. Systems Integration

The electrical grid is no longer a one way delivery system. It is transitioning to a highly distributed and dynamic network of multiple, complex systems connecting hundreds of distinct hardware and software technologies. From integrating aircraft, spacecraft, mission systems, command and control stations and more – Lockheed Martin has always been the world’s best integrator of complex systems.

4. Cyber Security

No other energy company in the world has our cyber security credentials. Building on the most advanced technology developed for defense and intelligences markets, Lockheed Martin Energy applies robust cyber security architectures throughout its energy offerings.

5. Scale & Stability

Lockheed Martin Energy has the financial stability and long-term commitment to partner with customers for decades. We’re here for customers today and into the future.


6. Sustainability

Lockheed Martin Energy is a natural extension of Lockheed Martin’s long commitment to sustainable business practices. Many of the solutions we’re now offering to customers we’ve been using and perfecting internally for years.

7. Global Reach

Lockheed Martin’s global footprint and local partnerships enable our customers to access the best technology from around the world to help solve their challenges in waste management, clean energy, energy storage and more.