Third Annual Republic of Korea Science Technology and Research Projects (ROKST&R) Awarded

Seoul, Korea, Dec. 8, 2016 – Three Korean Universities were recently selected to receive funding as part of Lockheed Martin’s (NYSE: LMT), Republic of Korea Science, Technology, and Research (ROKST&R) Fund. The projects include research related to Control of robots with supervisory autonomy, distributed control of unmanned vehicle group, and survival technology of UAV navigation system in case of GPS jamming or IMU failure.

“These three projects offer new approaches to technology that are of importance to Lockheed Martin and represent unique ideas that we want to explore in collaboration with Korean academia”, said Dr. Robie Samanta Roy, Lockheed Martin vice president for Technology Strategy and Innovation. “Last year’s ROKST&R projects provided excellent scientific and technical insights and yielded a promising patent application. The ROKST&R fund’s third year is also off to a great start.”

The Universities selected for ROKST&R funding this year are Korea University, Seoul National University, and Ulsan National Institute for Science and Technology.

Project: Korea University “Control of Robots with Supervisory Autonomy Using Multimodal Human-Machine Interface” by Prof. Shinsuk Park

rokst&r award From left to right: Donghoon Kang, Jae Hwan Bong, Shinsuk Park, Kyung Kyu Kim (Lockheed Martin), Steve Mitchell (Lockheed Martin), Darren Brock (Lockheed Martin), Russell Cummings (AFOSR), Jangwoo Park, Yoojin Oh, and Suhun Jung

Project: Seoul National University, “Survival Technology of UAV Navigation System in Case of GPS Jamming or IMU Failure” by Prof. Changdon Kee

rokst&r award 2 From left to right: Sang Hoon Jeon, Heekwon No, Steve Mitchell (Lockheed Martin), Kyung Kyu Kim (Lockheed Martin), Changdon Kee, Darren Brock (Lockheed Martin), Junesol Song, and Minhuck Park

Project: Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), “Optimal Distributed Control of Unmanned Vehicle Groups” by Prof. Jun Moon

rokst&r award 3
From left to right: Steve Mitchell (Lockheed Martin), Darren Brock (Lockheed Martin), Kyung kyu Kim (Lockheed Martin), Jun Moon, Russell Cummings (AFOSR), Katherine Kim, and Myoung Hoon Lee

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