Department of Energy Minorities in Energy First Anniversary Forum

Remarks as Delivered by

Chairman, President and CEO

Marillyn A. Hewson



Arlington, Virginia

November 18, 2014



Chairman, President and CEO 
Marillyn A. Hewson

Thank you for that very kind introduction. It’s really an honor to welcome all of you here today to our Global Vision Center. We’re very proud of this Center. I hope you will all take advantage of the opportunity to tour our demonstration centers, and see some of the really innovative things that we’re doing as a company—many of them in partnership with several different suppliers from around the country and around the world. So please take advantage of that.

I’m very excited to celebrate the first year of the Department of Energy’s Minorities in Energy initiative, right here at our facility. And I’d particularly like to recognize Secretary Moniz and the Department of Energy for your leadership in bringing together government, academia and industry to actually take action on this important issue.

The work you’ve done has highlighted the needs of underrepresented communities in the energy sector, while encouraging more Americans to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math—the STEM disciplines.

At Lockheed Martin, we know firsthand that it’s critically important and that we are at our best when we bring together talented people with diverse capabilities, perspectives and experiences to solve tough problems. 

And of those challenges and problems that we face, none of them are any greater than energy. And it’s certainly one of the most pressing challenges of our time.

The expanding global population and changing climate are driving an urgent need for clean, abundant and affordable energy.

Analysts predict that by 2040, the world will consume 56 percent more energy than it did in 2010. And the majority of that increase will come from developing nations alone.

In addition, we face increasing carbon emissions because billions of people have no access to modern fuels.

For more than 30 years, Lockheed Martin has been working with the Department of Energy on addressing our nation’s energy challenges, while pursuing new technologies that will deliver smart energy solutions to the world.

From our role at Sandia National Laboratories, to supporting the Naval Nuclear Reactors program, to Energy Savings Performance Contracts, Lockheed Martin has worked hand in hand with the Department of Energy to secure our nation’s energy future.

At the same time, we’ve been at the leading-edge of clean energy technology, advancing the science behind Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, wave and tidal energy, the next generation lithium ion batteries, Green IT systems and smart grid solutions.

These developments are possible because different people, with unique perspectives, looked at the challenges in new ways. The biggest breakthroughs come from individuals and teams that actively seek out different points of view.

In short, innovation is powered by diversity and fostered by inclusion.

If we, as a nation, are going to solve the energy challenges of tomorrow, we must attract and develop talent from every segment of our population. All of us must create inclusive work environments where everyone feels welcome, valued and able to do their best work. And, we must inspire the next generation to pursue careers where they can make a difference.

I know all of you here today are ready to rise to the occasion. And I am confident that you will take full advantage of this important forum, where we have an opportunity to dialogue on this important issue.

Together, we will find new ways that we can actively engage in building the diverse and inclusive workforce that will shape our future.

Thank you again to Secretary Moniz and everyone here today for your commitment and your leadership.