LM Center for Innovation and Security Solutions Opening Ceremony

Remarks as Prepared by

Chairman, President and CEO

Marillyn A. Hewson



Abu Dhabi, UAE  

December 7, 2014



Chairman, President and CEO 
Marillyn A. Hewson

Thank you, Bob [Harward], and good morning everyone. 

I’m delighted to be back in Abu Dhabi. We have strong ties to the UAE—both in business and in friendship—and today is another indication of our continued partnership.

I would like to start by thanking His Excellency Dr. Al Jaber, Ambassador Corbin, Dr. Ahmad Belhoul and all of our honored guests for being here for this very special occasion as we celebrate the launch of our Center for Innovation and Security Solutions.

Later this morning, as you tour the facility, you’ll get to see for yourselves what it can do to promote collaboration in global defense, pilot training, cyber-security, nanotechnology, missile defense, space exploration and more.

You’ll also learn about how it works and the technologies we’ve put in place to facilitate immersive simulations, high definition visualization, interactive experimentation and connections with thirty Lockheed Martin locations—all designed to break down barriers and support breakthrough ideas.

So, during our time together this morning, I would like to focus on why we’re opening this new center of innovation, and why Lockheed Martin has chosen Masdar City as our partner for joint research and innovation.

We’ve had a strong relationship with the UAE for many years, initially focused on defense programs like the F-16 fighter, PAC-3 missile and THAAD anti-ballistic missile system. Protecting our nations and our allies remains at the core of our partnership and is as important today as ever before.

Though, over the years our relationship has grown as we’ve worked to apply the same focus and innovation to new challenges like energy, cyber security and sustainability. As our relationships have grown, so have our partnerships.

We’re proud to work with the Emirati government, industry and academia on a variety of programs to advance security and help achieve the UAE’s vision of building a strong, resilient economy. We value the entrepreneurial, innovative spirit we see in this country and the commitment to real-world solutions and progress that Masdar represents.

It’s a mindset that’s very familiar to us as a company whose mission is to solve complex challenges, advance scientific discovery and deliver innovative solutions to help our customers keep their citizens safe and provide them essential services.

We’re proud to support the UAE’s vision and we look forward to collaborating on new innovations sharing knowledge growing the technical expertise of our workforces and contributing to the UAE’s economic development.

We’ve learned from experience that international partnerships bring tremendous value to our business at Lockheed Martin. And when we think about the challenges facing our world—from climate change to resource scarcity—we know our best hope for progress comes when different people with unique perspectives tackle those challenges together.

That’s the kind of collaboration this Center is designed to encourage, and it builds on work we’ve already started with other partners in the region.

For example, we’ve joined forces with Mubadala and Sikorsky to establish the Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Center, known at AMMROC, here in Abu Dhabi. This joint venture brought together world-class companies to establish a center of excellence for maintenance and support of the UAE’s F-16s, C-130Js and many other platforms.

We are also actively engaged with Khalifa University to support education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math—the STEM disciplines that are so vital to developing the innovations of the future.

We are collaborating with leading academics at the University on big data analytics, research and development. And, we’re supporting Emirati organizations like the Arab Youth Venture Foundation to empower the region’s next generation of scientists, inventors, business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Now, with this state-of-the-art facility, we’re deepening our investment and commitment to our partnership. It’s the first Lockheed Martin collaboration center of its kind outside the United States, and a symbol of our confidence in the progress we can make when we’re working together.

We look forward to all the achievements we know are still to come, and I want to thank the people who’ve worked so hard to bring us to this moment. 

And I want to thank one person in particular whose vision has made this Center possible—His Excellency, Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber. Now I’d like to introduce Dr. Ahmad Belhoul, CEO of Masdar. As CEO he is responsible for driving Masdar’s efforts to advance renewable energy and clean technology today.

We are honored to have him with us today. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Ahmad Belhoul.