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RSA Conference

Feb. 25-March 2

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Today, companies face a new class of security threats from sophisticated and highly organized actors attempting to steal sensitive information from IT systems and databases. Companies that rely on high-value intellectual property, manage critical infrastructure, or operate critical data systems now face the same advanced threats that the defense sector has faced for more than a decade.

Lockheed Martin’s intelligence-driven approach to cyber security is based on insight it’s gained protecting its own networks and through its Cyber Kill Chain™ methodology. This methodology enables defenders to stop persistent adversaries by learning about their tactics and techniques and using that intelligence to stop them in time.

For the first time, Lockheed Martin will host a booth at the RSA Conference with cyber interactive demonstrations. Two of its experts will be speaking at conference sessions:

Today, partnering with government and commercial organizations, we’re delivering a new level of security that can not only thwart attacks, but predict them as well. Turn to Lockheed Martin Cyber Intelligence. Because the best defense is intelligence-driven.

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Did you know that Lockheed Martin...

  • Supports 110,000 users and their 82,000 PCs
  • Manages over 1,000,000 portal accounts
  • Maintains 9 supercomputers
  • Administers 37 peta bytes of storage
  • Oversees 5,000+ servers
  • Manages 50,000 devices
  • Controls 450,000 network ports at all security levels