A global community rallied around researchers and their robots during the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals. Leo, an Atlas robot powered by Team TROOPER, navigated a course designed to test the boundaries of robotics technology.

While Leo didn’t take home the top prize, the robot did demonstrate what the event was all about: Collaboration and inspiration.

“Being part of the DARPA Robotics Challenge has been an inspiring experience. For us, this competition has always been about propelling robotics forward--strengthening relationships within the technical community and inspiring the next generation of talent. It was never about how well a specific robot could perform a specific task,” said Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories Director Dr. Robbie Mandelbaum.

“We are proud of the team’s accomplishments in Human Guided Autonomy software. The technologies developed for the Atlas robot today will help shape the robots of tomorrow,” Mandelbaum added.

A highlight of the event was the Robot Red Carpet, hosted by Lockheed Martin and National Geographic as part of the DRC Technology Expo. Thousands of students, parents and guests visited the Expo to learn about STEM education and careers in robotics.