Integrated Warfare Development Center

Collaborative, Network-Centric Capabilities Development Center

Welcome to the Integrated Warfare Development Center (IWDC), created by Lockheed Martin in 2002 specifically to expedite development, assessment, refinement and demonstration of tactical, network-centric concepts and systems. As a project of Advanced Development Programs, IWDC is based in Fort Worth, Texas – yet its focus is the world, with a comprehensive air-land-sea vision and how integrated, tactical warfare concepts will function in this environment.

Multiple Work Areas, No Limits to the Capability

Within the 17,000-square-foot center are multiple Development Rooms and Facilities Support Rooms devoted to meeting your facilities support, development, integration, test, and demonstration needs. There are five Development Rooms in the IWDC, one of which is capable of supporting VIP demonstrations and presentations as well as development work. The IWDC is designed and built to provide four major functions with simultaneous operations at multiple levels of security. Both classified and unclassified activities are supported with a modeling and simulation infrastructure driven by robust interactive/interface capability.

System Test and Demonstration Functions support actual system-level testing and demonstration in real time. The IWDC Development Rooms are equipped with robust mission environment digital models augmented with man-in-the-loop simulators. Tactical and operational mission scenarios can be digitally simulated - and man-in-the-loop entities capable of reacting to the threat environment permit interaction with the scenario models. The IWDC has one Development Room specifically designed to support VIP demonstrations and presentations of network-centric concepts.  

System Development and Integration Functions permit actual system-level development and integration of technologies in all the IWDC Development Rooms. Modeling and simulation systems allow you to explore performance within specific tactical/operational mission scenarios, but with a greater emphasis placed on engineering functions.

Algorithm and Software Development Functions allow evaluation at all phases of algorithm and software development through engineering workstations networked together in the IWDC Development Rooms.

Facilities Support Functions provided in the IWDC include the handling and coordinating of all operations at the IWDC, meeting your requirements for simulation development, hardware maintenance, internal/external communications networks, secure operations and uninterruptible power generation for the center itself. Facilities Support can design IWDC resources to meet your individual requirements, including rooftop data-link antenna and other transmission connections at multiple levels of security.Combined Live, Virtual and Constructive Environment

All network-centric concepts require evaluation, analysis, modification and validation – particularly as newly developed tactics gain momentum with the fast-changing technologies that are involved. When you open the door to IWDC, you enter a world equipped with more than 100 computers ranging from large SGI servers to SGI workstations to high-end PCs to laptops to pen tablets. You will discover flexibility is all yours as development efforts are conducted with the Virtual, Live or Constructive environments you dictate.

You can establish data links with flying aircraft . . . develop manned simulations in realtime with man-machine interfaces . . . or create purely digital simulations in real or non-real time using a variety of commercial and government models. Reconfigurable aircraft simulators dramatically enhance the realism of all activities, particularly the most actively used real-time scenarios. These include freestanding and desktop versions of both existing and conceptual aircraft. UAV platforms and controllers are also a part of the mix – as they will be in the coming battlespace.

Users can select from multiple visualization tools to monitor activities/interactions occurring within their test scenarios. And you can work with extensive audio/visual presentation capabilities, including a large panorama display system (11 feet by 33 feet) and plasma screens that let you display the inputs you require.

All these tools dramatically simplify analysis of new concepts of operations. All services personnel – Air Force, Navy, Marines, U.S. government and Special Forces – can collaborate with engineers in the development of truly transformational combat air systems. Integrated warfare solutions emerge much faster as Command and Control customers join engineering development personnel in meeting new requirements for the modern day warfighters.Connect With Global Vision Network and the New Center for Innovation

The IWDC allows connectivity with the Global Vision Network – Lockheed Martin’s corporate-wide network that enables real-time development and demonstration of advanced integrated technology concepts and solutions. The Global Vision Network links the IWDC with the company’s 50,000+ engineers, analysts and scientists, as well as 30,000+ software engineers and information technology specialists. Collaboration with a worldwide network of support personnel can be achieved from the IWDC to offer an unlimited source of expertise.

Users can also access the company’s new Center for Innovation – a network-centric experimentation and analysis facility backed by a nationwide network of laboratories and scientists.

Consider This Your Invitation To Make IWDC Your Network-Centric Center

IWDC is ready now. Systems are up and running. The center is fully operational as new resources continue to be evaluated and installed to meet your emerging requirements. As the battlespace of the future takes shape, IWDC is already serving as a fully equipped, collaborative center for exploration and development of the transformational systems warfighters will need.

Integrated warfare concepts and technologies can be developed and demonstrated through resources that are dedicated to the task. Tactical considerations at different operational and strategic levels can be fully explored using the Lockheed Martin Global Vision NetworkTM superior to leverage the breadth of Lockheed Martin Corporation capabilities. Development activities can be assessed, modified and refined to fully support the emerging principles of Tactical/Operational battle management. All can be applied to the principles of airspace/power projection in a network-centric arena.


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