LONGBOW FCR Photo Gallery


The LONGBOW radome, mounted atop the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter main rotor, is just visible poking above terrain behind which the Apache hovers. Because of the LONGBOW radar's mounting location, the Apache can acquire and track targets without being detected. (Photo by Lockheed Martin)


The combination of multiple sensors on the Apache helicopter makes it a versatile, highly survivable, all-weather, day/night anti-armor platform. The LONGBOW FCR, Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor (TADS/PNVS), and missiles provide an integrated system that strikes targets with pinpoint accuracy and protects pilots at safe ranges. (Photo by Lockheed Martin)


Effective in adverse weather. (Photo by Lockheed Martin)


Enhanced lethality and survivability. (Photo by Lockheed Martin)



High operational availability. (Photo by Lockheed Martin)


Multi-target engagement capability. (Photo by Lockheed Martin)



          Two-level maintenance. (Photo by Lockheed Martin)


Battle-proven. (Photo by Lockheed Martin)