Red Fox


Electronic Support Measures for Small UAVs

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) provide intelligence about opposition forces and terrain. What if they could also provide electronic support measures (ESM)? Red Fox, weighing a mere eight ounces, can be mounted onto a small UAV to detect and report the location of radio emitters in real time, a powerful tool for tactical operations. Red Fox has been flown on multiple UAVs and because of its size is an added capability rather than a trade-off, to video.

Red Fox provides covert, remote emitter detection and geolocation. The system consists of a miniaturized RF sensor payload and an ESM workstation. It can be fully integrated with small UAVs using a plug-and-play upgrade for existing systems, and can support multiple ESM missions on a single system. It allows simultaneous ESM and imaging capabilities.

Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories (ATL) developed the Red Fox system using proven Agile RF Geolocation for Urban Surveillance technology, which is mounted on a Humvee or carried by a dismounted soldier to provide real-time, geolocation in tactical environments. ATL specializes in the development of disruptive spectrum technologies that give small, tactical units powerful tools for situational awareness.

Red Fox has been integrated and field tested on multiple UAVs.