Supervision of Unmanned Vehicles Mission Management by Interactive Teams (SUMMIT) revolutionizes how systems are controlled. Shifting from the current model with a dedicated operator assigned to each system, SUMMIT implements a task-based display management paradigm that allows operators to fluidly share control over of a group of systems. The SUMMIT software system provides a mission-centric approach to help naval watchstanders share information and tasks, distribute workload, rapidly complete mission analysis, and improve situational awareness.

SUMMIT was developed for the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) under contract to the Office of Naval Research to support the Mine Countermeasures mission package, and has transitioned to the U.S. Navy for application to all mission packages. Naval evaluators were impressed with the ability to share tasks and integrate mission tasks into a single, coherent interface. Their evaluation showed advances over the traditional approach.

SUMMIT implements a new Command and Control (C2) mission-centric paradigm. Within this construct, each operator performs tasks assigned dynamically by the chief operator based on mission needs and the current situation. These assignments change with mission and workload demands. During operation, SUMMIT tracks task assignments and enables operators to configure displays based on assigned tasks. SUMMIT integrates control displays and presents them to the operator as required for the operator’s currently assigned tasks. SUMMIT also captures any necessary task context information and distributes information among operators as necessary. SUMMIT operators use the interface to interact with each other, sharing information, reallocating tasks, and looking in on each other’s progress to maintain team situational awareness.