As seen in events such as the Middle East uprisings, and London and Vancouver riots, the amount of Open Source digital content being generated is creating a massive and immensely valuable source of data. The vision is for intelligence analysts to have the tools to be able to understand the latest regional trends and sentiment, predict threats from groups and individuals or find the proverbial “needle in a haystack”. Exploiting social media as an intelligence source requires high-performance analysis algorithms that can rapidly distinguish between high-value information and noise among massive and rapidly changing content.

Program with the objectives to:

  • Mature the state of the art in social media analysis
  • Conduct experiments with operational organizations
  • Transition the capabilities for operational use by intelligence analysts and desk officers
  • Integrate with other ICEWS components & the ISPAN program of record.


  • Automated aggregation of publicly available data sources
  • Data management and display of data, including advanced filtering and tagging for on-the-fly processing of data subsets
  • Temporal and frequency driven visualizations including analytic trending, sentiment volumetrics, and geographic mapping

Network analysis and visualizations including web community discovery, directional information propagation mapping, and quantitative online role calculations


Key Features and Benefits

  • Analyst productivity enabler
  • Improved situational awareness
  • Scalable and extendable to new sources and customized analytical algorithms


For more information, please contact us at icews@atl.lmco.com