Aegis Combat System

Aegis Ashore is the first operational land-based version of the Aegis Combat System, a sophisticated collection of phased-array radars, fire control directors, computers and missiles.

Aegis Ashore is built on the solid, proven cornerstones of the Aegis Combat System’s Baseline 9 configuration of hardware and software, which incorporates BMD 5.0 CU, the latest iteration of the proven Aegis ballistic missile defense (BMD) software.

Aegis Ashore is an affordable solution to implement the U.S. European Phased Adaptive Approach plan to protect our European allies, our U.S troops and our assets from ballistic missile attacks.

Recognized as a key contributor to successful, interoperable and layered missile defense, Aegis BMD has been selected for the missile defense Phased Adaptive Approach, with deployments of both Aegis BMD capable ships and Aegis BMD capabilities in a ground-based Aegis Ashore configuration.

Lockheed Martin’s Aegis Ashore is the same proven, low-risk weapon system as “Aegis Afloat,” with more than 40 years of experience transforming to meet evolving threats. Aegis Ashore provides a proven, affordable solution to expand the protection of the Aegis Combat System to inland areas.

Aegis BMD is already ashore. All elements of Aegis are already in use in land-based applications that range from development and integration test facilities to launch test facilities to production test facilities. Every Aegis system at sea today was fully tested ashore before it was transitioned to ship use.

Aegis Ashore fully supports the Administration’s desire to do new missions with capabilities that already exist. Minimal, if any, development is needed to establish an on shore capability. Existing capability with a proven track record coupled with established logistics infrastructure for rapid transition to land-based operations make Aegis Ashore an affordable, low-risk solution to missile defense.

USNI News Video: What is Aegis Ashore?


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