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System Elements

The Aegis Combat System is the world’s most capable naval defense system and the sea-based element of the United States’ Ballistic Missile Defense System. Aegis can simultaneously attack land targets, submarines and surface ships, while automatically implementing defenses to protect the fleet against aircraft and missiles.

SPY-1 radar
SPY-1 is the primary air search radar the Aegis Combat System. The S-band multi-function phased array radar system is designed to meet the most demanding requirements and environments. SPY-1 can automatically track multiple targets simultaneously while maintaining continuous surveillance of the sky, from the wave tops to the stratosphere.


Advanced Display System
The Aegis Display System supports command personnel in threat engagement operations. The system receives tactical data from the Command and Decision System and displays geographical reference data.


Underwater Countermeasure System
The Underwater Countermeasure System provides the ships with torpedo defense capabilities by attracting and deceiving hostile torpedoes.