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Lockheed Martin CDL Systems specializes in the development and licensing of vehicle control station software for unmanned systems.

Lockheed Martin CDL Systems has developed an open, standards-based, and commercial off-the-shelf software product that has been integrated into numerous unmanned vehicle platforms.  The company’s products are designed on low-cost, interoperable, and open architecture systems to support government and civil applications around the world, with more than one million hours of operational use.  

Lockheed Martin CDL Systems was founded in 1992 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with offices in Calgary and Huntsville, Ala. Lockheed Martin acquired substantially all of the assets of CDL Systems Ltd. in 2012.

CDL Systems

Acquired in December 2012, Lockheed Martin CDL Systems specializes in the development of control station software for operating unmanned vehicle systems.