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Lockheed Martin CDL Systems’ software development process mirrors the innovative products we make. Our team brings the full package of technical expertise and a collaborative approach by communicating with our customers and users from development to integration. Our philosophy focuses on addressing our customers’ diverse challenges with flexible, tailored solutions, rather than implementing a one-size-fits-all package.

We implement agile methods by effectively managing – and embracing – evolving requirements. As our customers’ software needs change, we deliver valuable products by providing frequent updates as often as every week. We believe in building simple, intuitive software – so our customers can focus on their missions instead of navigating their software.

Because we engage with our customers and users to understand their diverse needs, we are able to easily integrate vehicles with our software. Our software is STANAG-4586 compliant, which increases common control capabilities. The software is able to reconfigure to support multiple vehicles from a single control station. Not only is our software built to this protocol, but Lockheed Martin CDL Systems also made significant contributions to shaping its development.

Did You Know
  • We build unmanned software that can control a swarm of 16 boats at once
  • We can fly unmanned aircraft and control unmanned boats simultaneously from the same piece of software
  • For every piece of code written, there is always an accompanying test embedded in the code to ensure it works as expected
  • Our VCS-4586 software currently supports three U.S. Army unmanned aircraft - each built by a different provider – on a common system