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Close Combat Tactical Trainer


The Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT) integrates all facets of combat vehicle operations to immerse Warfighters in the scenarios they will face on the battlefield. Through the CCTT, units train and are validated in tactics, doctrine, weapons systems, mission planning and rehearsals.

The CCTT presents logistics, artillery, mortar and aviation units to a synthetic battlefield with realistic terrain. Soldiers move, shoot and communicate on this battlefield by operating combat vehicles and employing simulated weapon systems.

Encompassing the Reconfigurable Vehicle Simulator and Reconfigurable Vehicle Tactical Trainer, the CCTT environment provides real-time, collective training to units of any size. The CCTT is the U.S. Army’s first and largest distributed interactive simulation system.  

The CCTT provides an affordable complement to live training, delivering collective training before the unit moves to the live environment. Since 1992, Lockheed Martin has developed, delivered and sustained more than 500 systems to Army and Marine Corps installations.

Computer-Driven Simulation Modules

  • Abrams tanks
  • Bradley fighting vehicles
  • Dismounted infantry
  • Fire support vehicles
  • Armored personnel carriers
  • High mobility, multi-purpose wheeled vehicles