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E-STARS® - Electronic Suspense Tracking and Routing System


When you need a simple, fast, powerful, enterprise-level action/suspense tracking tool…

Appealing, affordable, and easy to use, E-STARS® is the preferred solution - best practice and product of choice - for organizations requiring a robust, yet simple, action/suspense management system.  E-STARS® has been successfully deployed in many diverse and dynamic environments, each with their own challenging integration requirements.

In a time where most business processes are driven by software logic, E-STARS® stands out.  By maintaining the flexibility to match an organizational process out of the box, users can start using E-STARS® with little or no learning curve.  As learning increases, users are able to establish actions requiring more complex routing and coordination with unlimited use of vertical and horizontal collaboration.  E-STARS® easily integrates with external or legacy systems to serve as the cornerstone to any enterprise initiative and portal frameworks with seamless integration.

Intuitive. Precise. Powerful.
E-STARS® version 5 has a progressive design and is the industry’s leading choice for a solution to the management of actions and suspense tracking.

Confidently Take Action Results to the Next Level.
Simple, streamlined, flexible execution with expansive horizontal and vertical collaboration capacity.

Executive Answer to Action Visibility.
Instant end-to-end visibility gives you and your organization dynamic control of your performance outcomes.

Essential Solutions.
Put the muscle in your business process.  Our enterprise integraion
solutions have clearly helped our customers achieve performance excellence.