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Quality Assurance Program

Our vision is to establish an integrated working relationship between Lockheed Martin and DHS to deliver enterprise, mission, business and operational support to the customer headquarters and components.

Our goal is to perform to work scope of each awarded task order in a manner that results in overall improvements in performance and addresses the information sharing, collaboration, location diversity and power to the edge objectives of DHS.

Our vision supports establishing the foundation for an evolutionary approach to performance based contracting – where performance measures provide the basis and means to measure enterprise performance and facilitate continuous performance improvements of the information technology enterprise infrastructure.

Lockheed Martin is committed to providing DHS with the highest level of service and support.

Lockheed Martin incorporates existing best practices and certifications from our existing LM21 repository - the best-of-the-best, which have been proven on existing contracts (including those specifically referenced in our proposal).

These practices and processes are integrated into Lockheed Martin’s EAGLE II Quality Management System to accomplish the performance requirements of the EAGLE II program.