Exoskeleton Technologies: Media



An engineer for FORTIS talks about the real opportunity engineers have to address problems that matter to all of us.


Students from Berghs School of Communication get a FORTIS demonstration at the South by Southwest 2017 (used by permission).

Our FORTIS exoskeleton improves human performance as featured in National Geographic Channel’s “Breakthrough” television series.

CNN Money chooses FORTIS as one of 2014’s coolest gadgets.

Industrial exoskeletons give relief for the daily grind.



FORTIS B-roll in studio (Orlando, FL)


FORTIS B-roll of demonstration in C-130J Skills Development Area (Marietta GA)

FORTIS Product Card




Defense Manufacturing Excellence Award, 2014

Gold Spark Award from Spark Design & Architecture Awards, 2014

Product Design of the Year by ICON Magazine, July 2014

Good Green Design, Green 100 Award, 2015