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The F-16 made history when it first rolled onto the flight line – it was an aircraft that literally defined high performance. And those standards keep rising. The F-16 has evolved to the most capable multirole fighter available, with new technologies consistently incorporated into the cockpit, avionics, sensors and weapons to keep pace with the latest operational requirements.

Some of the F-16's evolutions include:

  • Increase in range and payload 
  • Enhanced survivability with more advanced warfare sensors and sophisticated decoys
  • Increased engine thrust to retain the F-16's legendary aerodynamic performance

Along the way, the aircraft has been designed to be more reliable, more maintainable and more supportable. The F-16 continues to be the most affordable multirole fighter in the skies today, in both procurement and operational life-cycle costs.

The bottom line is:

  • The F-16 has a well-defined growth path, with upgrade programs to extend the life and enhance performance well into the future.
  • Lockheed Martin is an excellent corporate partner that is committed to a long-term partnership for sustainment and modernization.