F-16V Block 72 Sustainment

Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Sustainment

Continuous Modernization

Combined with planned service life extension program (SLEP) structural modifications, F-16V capability upgrades ensure the F-16 can fly and fight to 2045 and beyond. The U.S. Air Force authorized extending the F-16’s service life to 12,000 hours, far beyond original 8,000-hour design service life.

Cost-Effective Capabilities

The F-16 continues to outperform its competitors in life-cycle cost, cost per flight hour, and fighter availability rates. The F-16’s low operating costs are 30-40 percent less than that of other 4th Generation platforms and three-four times less than larger twin-engine fighters.

Long-Term Sustainment

As a member of the global F-16 fighter community, the Indonesian Air Force (IDAF) will benefit from continuous modernization and the affordable sustainment opportunities enabled by a robust global supply chain committed to long-term sustainment solutions. With F-16s already in service today, the IDAF already has existing F-16 infrastructure, support equipment, repair capability, spares, trained pilots, and maintenance personnel.