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The F-16V is the latest in F-16 evolution. Leveraging 40 years of experience, the F-16V includes enhancements such as an AESA Radar, advanced architecture, new center display and the latest in certified weaponry. This improves pilot situational awareness and provides customers increased operational capability. The F-16V is an option for new production jets and current fleet upgrades. The Taiwan government selected the F-16V configuration for its 145 Block 20 F-16 A/B aircraft.


Block 50/52

Block 50/52 is the eighth major modification block of the F-16. Its capabilities continue to increase as new technologies develop. Most improvements are the direct result of combat experience.

Block 50/52 improvements include:

• More powerful engine

• Color cockpit displays

• New electronic warfare suite

• Advanced weapons and sensors


Block 60

The Block 60 F-16 brings a host of new systems that keep the fighter on the leading edge of technology and provide the capabilities necessary to meet modern defense requirements.

Some of these leading-edge systems include:

• New conformal fuel tanks significantly extend the aircraft’s range

• New, more advanced flight controls and radar detection capabilities

• All-new avionics to give the pilots more sensor data and improved situational awareness

What is a Block?

F-16 models are denoted by increasing block numbers to indicate upgrades. Each block of planes has a variety of software, hardware, systems, weapons compatibility and structural enhancements and can be tailored for specific customers.