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GSFC Spacecraft PWB Coupon Test Request

 Hand Carry*

*If hand-carried, the coupons should be taken to Bldg. 30 Rm. 181 to Helen Saulino (301-286-8793)


 Blind Vias
 Micro Vias
 Buried Vias
 Solid Copper Vias (Micro or Macro)

Laminate Materials:

 IPC 6012B Class 3/A
 IPC 6013
 IPC 6018
 IPC 2221
 IPC 2222
 IPC 2223

Does PWB drawing contain notes that give specific instructions that do not agree with the coupon testing reference documents?


If yes - attach a copy of the drawing notes to the coupons submittal form.


Submitted by:


Additional Individuals that require copy of coupon test results (Note: Include e-mail addresses of the company you are supplying the boards to) (separate email entires with semicolon)


WARNING: Print the completed form BEFORE submitting the information. A copy of the printed form shall be included with the shipment of coupon(s) to GSFC. Once submitted, the completed form cannot be printed.

Note: Submit button will email a copy of the completed form to GSFC.  A copy of the printed form shall be included in the shipment of the coupon(s) to GSFC.

Send Coupons to:
Helen Saulino

Code 541 Bldg. 30 Rm. 181            Phone Number: 301-286-8793
NASA/GSFC   Fax Number: 301-286-1646
Greenbelt, MD 20771    

Additional Instructions

The specifications require that all supplied coupons contain adequate identification. As a minimum coupon markings shall reference the printed wiring board manufacturers’ CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity), lot or date code, and printed wiring board drawing number and serial number. Clearly identify what serial number boards are represented by the submitted coupons. NOTE: inadequate identification will result in the coupons being returned.

The coupons will be sectioned, poured in epoxy and ground and polished to observe various critical areas. One section from each coupon will undergo a thermal stress test by floating on top of a molten solder bath per the specification guidelines. The specification requires examination of a minimum of one coupon for every panel of multilayer boards produced.

An e-mailed summary of the coupon examination will be supplied to the requestor. The starting date for the coupon exam is the date upon which the coupons are received in the GSFC laboratory and a funded task is in place. Following the e-mailed report, a written report of the findings will be sent upon request. This report will include images of the causes for rejection if any are found.