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What are Approved Repair Centers?
Approved Repair Centers are C-130 (B-H) component repair and overhaul facilities whose quality systems have been inspected and approved by Lockheed Martin Quality Assurance. Our Approved Repair Centers have capabilities including but not limited to: ground support equipment, radios, accessories, landing gear, instruments, fuel cells, structural and composite repairs and overhauls.

Each of these facilities uses:

  • Correct Repair Data
  • Approved Parts
  • Required Tooling
  • Calibrated Test Equipment

Each facility is also FAA or equivalent certificated.

How can I tell if a repair was done by an Approved Repair Center?
Each Approved Repair Center will return a special Approved Repair Certificate with each repair or overhaul they perform. This certificate contains information about the specific repair as well as a special holographic decal with a unique serial number. These certificates should be kept with the maintenance paperwork by repair and/or overhaul customers.

NOTE: The holographic decal on each certificate is central to Lockheed Martin's quality records. We maintain information on each repair and/or overhaul performed by our Approved Repair Centers and store this information by hologram number.

Where are the Approved Repair Centers?
There are multiple Approved Repair Centers in the United States, Canada, and Europe. See the Approved Repair Center list for specific locations.

Are Approved Repair Centers the same as Hercules Service Centers?
No. Hercules Service Centers provide Depot level maintenance. Approved Repair Centers perform services for the individual components that owner/operators or depot maintenance facilities may remove from the aircraft.


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