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gscs9 As a global enterprise with demonstrated expertise in design and implementation of sophisticated systems, Lockheed Martin has resources in IT, logistics, warehousing and transportation to streamline your entire post-production supply chain.


GSCS’s Supply Chain Management Plus program combines software, processes, procedures, and the expertise of our team of experts to design, implement and operate unique sustainment supply chains.

Performance Based Logistics

Utilizing Inventory Management software and the expertise of our team, GSCS offers guidance and support for maintaining your supply chain legacy IT system. Our state-of-the practice system provides accurate, flexible and comprehensive inventory control leading to performance like the 99.78% bin fill rate we deliver for our IPV program.

Hologram Products Program

Certified Parts are Lockheed Martin designed and certified C-130B–H and F-16 spare parts that are available in the commercial marketplace. These parts are produced under license by manufacturing companies worldwide. Each part is made using the appropriate Lockheed Martin technical data, correct materials, required special processes and approved special process facilities.


GSCS builds and delivers over 80,000 kits annually. In many cases, kit deliveries can be made within 24 hours of notification.  By leveraging the latest LEAN processes GSCS is able to maintain flexibility and adaptability to customer requirements.

Standardized Basic Ordering Agreements

GSCS offers procurement contracts for out-of-production equipment and transactional based supply tasks for both US-based and international customers.

Long-Term Pricing Agreements

GSCS negotiates best value with Suppliers and Repair Providers to fully meet program requirements, which include quoting, ordering and shipping time for the manufacturing of factory new assets or the reverse logistics of repairing/overhauling assets to ensure the commitments are fully met.

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